Day 10 on Keto

So...small problem with keto, for someone like me, who enjoys baking and cooking and trying a variety of things this is not something that I could do stringently. :-/ Not to mention that I travel fairly regularly...and the whole point of the travel is to try new things. That being said I am going to... Continue Reading →

Day 9 on Keto

Today wasn't a bad day! I'm happy to say that though I had the opportunity to eat a ton of rice...for some reason I stomach just didn't want it. I call that progress! To be fair, when I'm in Japan that may not be the case so I take the win for now. Food... Continue Reading →

Day 8 on Keto

I haven't posted my recipe for red beans and rice yet, but I swear I will! I've been pretty busy today and I need to work on my synopsis for my novel ūüė¶ Food Meal 1 - 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon Meal 2 -¬†Tofu Korma Curry Meal 3 -¬†Cauliflower rice and Red beans... Continue Reading →

Day 7 on Keto we's been a week on Keto and I am...dun, dun, dun...down 3 pounds, so yeaaaaah! I also decided to start taking measurements, one of the things I read about being Keto is that you shouldn't really do weight training because of the decrease in carb intake... I won't be able to weigh myself... Continue Reading →

Day 6 on Keto

The weekends are always rough because it's my time that I want to explore and try new things, but I'm trying really hard...I will say that I did have a slice of banana bread that I made...I'll post a recipe for that later. Let's move on to what I ate today Food Meal 1 -... Continue Reading →

Day 5 on Keto

Day was an ok day.. Food Meal 1 - 1/2 oz of cambozola cheese, 3 oz of ground beef grilled, french fries, and¬†garlic aioli dressing Meal 2 - Charcuterie board, cheese and meat, and roasted brussels sprouts Meal 3 - Half a cookie Workout 45-minutes of Yoga Superset 1 (4 sets) 25lb x 10... Continue Reading →

Day 4 on Keto

I regret my dinner choices last stomach does not feel super great. It's only been 4 days, but my food choices for the past 4 days has made my stomach feel so much better and less bloated. The bad part is I only have a little over one more week of this then I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 3 on Keto

So far, so good...I'm more happy that I'm able to workout! The hardest thing about this is eating a lot of fat and eating low carb...I'm not eating anything that's carb heavy, but everything has carbs in it...maybe it'll be okay since I am weight training. Yeah...this wasn't the best day. I'll kick ass tomorrow.  Food... Continue Reading →

Day 2 on Keto

I have never been one who can slowly start anything, I'm always head first and dive deep, which gets me in trouble when I'm recovering from injury. For the past year, I have been recovering from a knee injury which took very long to heal because I was working out, running, dancing, etc. I finally... Continue Reading →

Tired of the ups and downs

If you have struggled with losing weight your whole life, as I have, I'm sure you'll understand this post. Your body is unique to how it processes carbs, protein, and fats and sometimes it's hard to say, "This diet will work on me," so you have to experiment and try stuff out. Well, this time... Continue Reading →

Day 1 on Keto

Food Meal 1 - Smoothie consisting of kale, almond milk, chocolate protein powder Meal 2 -¬†Baked egg in avocado, I had a whole avocado, honestly, not doing that again, it was WAY too rich Meal 3 - Japanese Curry without rice and a side of cruciferous greens topped with basil-garlic dressing Meal 4 - Bulgogi... Continue Reading →

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