Tired of the ups and downs

If you have struggled with losing weight your whole life, as I have, I’m sure you’ll understand this post. Your body is unique to how it processes carbs, protein, and fats and sometimes it’s hard to say, “This diet will work on me,” so you have to experiment and try stuff out. Well, this time I’m going to be trying out the ketogenic style of eating.

I hate to say it’s a diet because you should never go on a diet, you should change how you eat. I’m sure you’ve heard, losing weight is 80% of the effort and a measly 20% is working out.

Believe, that, it’s true! The hard part for me is I love sweets…and I overeat. What keeps me on track is pre-planning my meals and keeping track of the calories (I use MyFitnessPal). A year ago I was down 40lbs, in the past year, I have gone back up 30lbs. 😦 Yeah, it’s pretty depressing to me, but it’s my fault. I stopped tracking my food, I stopped focusing on eating healthy, and I stopped working out.

So, here I am again…hating my body and how I feel. I need to make changes in my life, especially since my husband and I are looking to start a family this year. I must focus on balancing my life out better so that when the next adventure in my life starts I can incorporate it.

I have another blog where I post my travel and recipes, Natalie Journeys, and I didn’t want to bog it down with my daily food and workout posts.

Let’s get started.


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