Day 9 on Keto

Today wasn’t a bad day! I’m happy to say that though I had the opportunity to eat a ton of rice…for some reason I refrained…my stomach just didn’t want it. I call that progress! To be fair, when I’m in Japan that may not be the case so I take the win for now.


  • Meal 1 – Chopped romaine, garlic aioli, and stuffed meatball
  • Meal 2 – 1 slice of English muffin, 1/2 sausage, and half cheese
  • Meal 3 – 2 hardboiled egg and mayonnaise
  • Meal 4 – Spicy teriyaki chicken breast, 1/4 cup of white rice, salad with dressing
  • Meal 5 – Lemon cheesecake mousse, 1 tablespoon of cookie butter


  • 30-minutes of Yoga
  • Superset 1 (4 sets)
    • 75lbs x 10 Barbell deadlifts
    • 75lbs x 10 Barbell bench press
  • Superset 2 (3 sets)
    • 25lbs x 10 reps Standing dumbbell shoulder press
    • 30lbs x 10 reps Kettlebell swing
    • 10 reps inverted rows on the suspension trainer

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